Saturday, August 14, 2010

So, an anorexic and a bulimic walk into a bar...

Let me share with you a few jokes I heard on 2 South that solidified further my belief in healing through humor, a concept which my spiritual friends essentially base our communication on.

Theszie told me and Birdie this one evening after dinner, when we were all was stuffed, anxious, and depressed:

So, a doctor came up with a cure for eating disorders, and manufactured it in a pill form. The problem is: The anorexics won't take it, the bulimics throw it up, and the compulsive eaters overdose on it.

FormerGymnast told me this one out in the courtyard:

What do you call a quarter-pounder with cheese?

-An anorexic with a yeast infection

Later that evening, I retold it to Birdie, who is not only anorexic, but an Orthodox Jew with a very sheltered upbringing. Irish urged me not to, but Birdie insisted, and she laughed so hard that I was afraid she would have a massive coronary.

One night, during 8PM snack, UU and I were complaining; she was still stuffed from 5:30 dinner, and I was still hungry after my piddling ration of Cheerios. I said to her:

"I feel like they bring us here to stuff the anorexics and starve the bulimics!"

She laughed hysterically.

I even came up with my own line that I used to greet the newcomers. It was always very well-received:

"We don't bite...That's the problem"

Seriously, if we anorexics and bulimics can laugh at these jokes, then maybe there's hope for us after all...

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