Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cathartic on Cathartics

Well, I am home at last! I was only in there for two weeks, but it felt more like a month. Medicaid won't be happy about the nearly $40,000 bill, but better them than me. I'm really hoping my body doesn't go into Colace and Metamucil withdrawal; I had enough irregularity even with a daily dose, thank you. If you get the humor and irony of the subject title, then I applaud you.

I don't feel the least bit cured, because I gained little insight into my condition, but it helped so much to be around others who are struggling with some of the same problems. Talking to the other patients was more helpful than any therapy session, group or otherwise. It devastates me that I'll never see most of them again, no matter how sincere our "keep in touch" promises were. That's life, I suppose.

There is so much more work for me to do, and so much more I want to tell everyone (or no one), but unfortunately I'm exhausted from the trip from White Plains, and I've been dying for a HOT bath! Until tomorrow, my friends...

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